Cloudchasor CrumblinCookie 60ml

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Experience Cloudchasor CrumblinCookie Max Vg Vapor Flavor. Dripping and sub ohm tank vape friendly. Made right here in the good old USA.

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Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Well here is a perfect match for your taste buds as our CrumblinCookie is a delightful dessert flavor, which showcases the mouthwatering flavor of fresh baked cookies and the delicious undertones of vanilla and caramel with a delightful gourmet french-cake finish. Crumblin Cookie is a medium bold gourmet eLiquid flavor.


Are you a cloudchaser vaporer? Then this vape flavor is perfect for you. This hand crafted gourmet smoke juice blend is tailored to the cloud chaser vapor connoisseur providing maximum vapor output. This premium eJuice blend contains MAXVG (vegetable glycerin) resulting in massive clouds of eCig vapor perfect for eCigarette dripping units and sub ohm tanks.


Cloudchasor vapor features 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine which is USP/EP and only the finest USP food grade ingredients are used in our MAXVG micro batch eJuices and of course Cloudchasor Vapor products are made right here in the United States. A perfect match for your sub ohm vapor electronic cigarette or vape tank system designed for vaping that produces huge plums of vapor.


  • America’s finest vapor dripping juice, hand crafted gourmet blends for the cloud chaser vape connoisseur. Our premium eliquid offers maximum VG resulting in a rich and full bodied vapor perfect for any current eCigarette model (older models may not process MAX VG liquids). The trusted Cloudchasor vape brand features 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine which is USP/EP and only the finest ingredients are used in our MAXVG eJuice and of course Cloudchasor is made right here in the United States.
  • CrumbinCookie is a trademarked logo of Cloudchasor LLC, all rights reserved.
    • This Product Is Made In USA
    • Bottle size 60ml
    • Max VG hand crafted blend
    • 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade USP/EP nicotine
    • 99.7% pure kosher vegetable glycerin USP
    • Premium grade flavoring made in the USA
    • This Product is Diacetyl Free
    • This Product is Butyric Acid Free
    • This Product is Alcohol Free
    • This Product is Free of Diketones

This eLiquid product is recommended only for electronic cigarettes designed to be used with MAX VG (maximum vegetable glycerin) liquids. eCig eLiquids are also commonly called smoke juices, oil, eJuice and smoke liquid. If you are unsure about your vapor unit we suggest you google your model for more information.

This product has been designed to produce maximum vapor clouds resulting in deep and rich plumes of vapor for eCigarette users maximum vapor pleasure.

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